Affected Products

The following products are included in the Settlement if purchased between January 1, 2018 and July 19, 2022 for personal consumption and not for resale. If you believe you purchased a qualifying Ritas product that you do not see in the table below, please contact the Settlement Administrator for additional information or assistance.

Table of Product Names
Product Name Package Size
Apple-Ahhh-RitaCan 25oz
Assorted Rita SeasonalCan 25oz
Assorted Rita Seasonal4 Pack Can 64oz
Assorted Rita Seasonal12 Pack Can 96oz
Assorted Ritas Premixed Cocktail12 Pack Can 144oz
Assorted Ritas Spritzer12 Pack Can 144oz
Cherry Lime RitasCan 25oz
Classic Lime-A-RitaGlass Bottle 12oz
Coconut RitaCan 25oz
Coconut RitaGlass Bottle 12oz
Cranberry RitaCan 25oz
Grape-A-Rita4 Pack Can 64oz
Grape-A-Rita12 Pack Can 96oz
Grape-A-Rita12 Pack Can 144oz
Grape-A-Rita15 Pack Can 375oz
Grape-A-RitaCan 8oz
Grape-A-RitaCan 12oz
Grape-A-RitaCan 25oz
Grapefruit RitaCan 25oz
Key Lime Mojito Fizz4 Pack Can 48oz
Lemonade Rita4 Pack Can 64oz
Lemonade Rita12 Pack Can 96oz
Lemonade Rita12 Pack Can 144oz
Lemonade Rita24 Pack Can 288oz
Lemonade RitaCan 8oz
Lemonade RitaCan 12oz
Lemonade RitaCan 25oz
Lime-A-Rita4 Pack Can 64oz
Lime-A-Rita6 Pack Long Neck Bottle 72oz
Lime-A-Rita12 Pack Can 144oz
Lime-A-Rita12 Pack Can 96oz
Lime-A-Rita15 Pack Can 375oz
Lime-A-Rita24 Pack Can 288oz
Lime-A-RitaCan 24oz
Lime-A-RitaCan 8oz
Lime-A-RitaCan 12oz
Lime-A-RitaCan 25oz
Lime-A-RitaGlass Bottle 33.8oz
Lime-A-RitaPicante 12 Pack Can 96oz
Lime-A-RitaPicante Can 25oz
Lime-A-Rita Splash Variety Pack12 Pack Glass Bottle 144oz
Mango Rita12 Pack Can 144oz
Mango Rita15 Pack Can 375oz
Mango Rita6 Pack Long Neck Bottle 72oz
Mango Rita12 Pack Can 96oz
Mango Rita4 Pack Can 64oz
Mango RitaCan 8oz
Mango RitaCan 25oz
Mango RitaGlass Bottle 12oz
Mix-A-Rita18 Pack Can 144oz
Orange-A-Rita12 Pack Can 96oz
Orange-A-Rita4 Pack Can 64oz
Orange-A-RitaCan 25oz
Orange-A-RitaCan 8oz
Party With Ritas Variety Pack12 Pack Long Neck Bottle 144oz
Peach-A-Rita12 Pack Can 96oz
Peach-A-Rita12 Pack Can 144oz
Peach-A-Rita4 Pack Can 64oz
Peach-A-RitaCan 8oz
Peach-A-RitaCan 12oz
Peach-A-RitaCan 25oz
Pear Orange Sangria Ritas Spritzer4 Pack Can 48oz
Pear Orange Sangria Spritz Can 12oz
Pear Orange Sparkling Sangria Spritzer 24 Pack Can 384oz
Pear Orange Sparklng Sangria Ritas Can 16oz
Pineapple Rita12 Pack Can 144oz
Pineapple Rita6 Pack Long Neck Bottle 72oz
Pineapple RitaCan 12oz
Pineapple RitaGlass Bottle 12oz
Pineapple RitaPouch 10oz
Pineapple Rita Splash 6 Pack Glass Bottle 72oz
Pineapple Rita Splash6 Pack Can 96oz
Pineapple Rita Splash Glass Bottle 12oz
Razber Rita12 Pack Can 96oz
Razber Rita4 Pack Can 64oz
Razber RitaCan 25oz
Razber RitaCan 8oz
Rita Seasonal15 Pack Can 375oz
Rita Seasonal Can 8oz
Strawberry Blueberry Sangria Spritz RitasCan 16oz
Strawberry Blueberry Sangria Spritzer 24 Pack Can 384oz
Strawberry Blueberry SpritzCan 12oz
Strawberry Mojito Fizz 4 Pack Can 48oz
Strawberry Mojito Fizz RitasCan 12oz
Strawberry Rita6 Pack Long Neck Bottle 72oz
Strawberry Rita12 Pack Can 144oz
Strawberry Rita12 Pack Can 96oz
Strawberry Rita15 Pack Can 375oz
Strawberry Rita24 Pack Can 192oz
Strawberry Rita24 Pack Can 288oz
Strawberry Rita4 Pack Can 64oz
Strawberry RitaCan 24oz
Strawberry RitaCan 8oz
Strawberry RitaCan 12oz
Strawberry RitaCan 25oz
Strawberry RitaGlass Bottle 12oz
Strawberry RitaGlass Bottle 33.8oz
Strawberry Rita Splash6 Pack Long Neck Bottle 72oz
Strawberry Rita Splash6 Pack Can 96oz
Strawberry Rita SplashLong Neck Bottle 12oz
Watermelon Rita12 Pack Can 144oz
Watermelon Rita12 Pack Can 96oz
Watermelon Rita4 Pack Can 64oz
Watermelon Rita15 Pack Can 375oz
Watermelon RitaCan 12oz
Watermelon RitaCan 8oz
Watermelon RitaCan 16oz
Watermelon RitaCan 25oz
White Peach Ritas Spritzer4 Pack Can 48oz
White Peach Rose Ritas Spritzer 4 Pack Can 64oz
White Peach Rose Ritas Spritzer Can 16oz
White Peach Rose Spritz Can 12oz